Organization Setup

Maharashtra State Mining Corporation Ltd.(MSMC) is a limited company fully owned by the Government of Maharashtra incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 on 14th November, 1973 with the main objects as under:

   To promote systematic development of various mines with a view to conserve the mineral wealth of the nation.

   purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire any mines, mining rights, and Metalliferous land in the state of Maharashtra, or elsewhere, and any interest therein, and to explore, work, exercise, develop, and turn to account the same.

  crush, win, get quarry, smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamates, manipulate and prepare for market of utilization ore, metal and beneficiation and up gradation of major and minor minerals of all kinds, and to carry on any other operations which may seem conducive to any of the company's objects.

Now a step towards expansion of the on-going projects, opening new mines and diversification in mineral based industries, MSMC has also inculcated the following objectives:

  To enter into new mineral bearing areas of economic importance having ready market, viz. coal, Iron ore, Manganese, Tungsten etc.

  Manufacturing of mineral-based value added product: - R & D work on various minerals have been undertaken by MSMC through national level organizations. Based upon these reports MSMC would like to set up mineral based industries to produce value-added products of economic importance.

  Expansion of market of the minerals and value added product:- MSMC have adequate potential of quality and unique minerals, MSMC would like to explore firm and regular market for these minerals.