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Pohra Sillimanite Mine
A little more than four decades ago, minerals Sillimanite were almost unknown outside the geological world, but today the importance of these minerals as a raw material for making high grade refractory bricks has increased manifold because of their unique properties. The utilisation of these minerals is due to their conversion into mullite, a highly refractory material when fired to 1411°C.

MSMC’s Pohara Sillimanite Mine in Bhandara District is the main producing center of aluminous ores, namely Sillimanite, Corundum and Pyrophyllite. Sillimanite and corundum are scares and high value minerals.

They command good demand in high alumina refractory bricks manufacturing industries. Pyrophyllite and the other hand, a low value and slow moving commodity. It is generated by-product to regular production of Sillimanite-Corundum from Pohara mine. Availability of Pyrophyllite is many times than that of Sillimanite and corundum.

The details of mine are as under :

Mineral : Sillimanite, Corundum and Pyrophyllite
Village : Pohara
Tahsil : Lakhani
District : Bhandara
Nearest Rly. Station : Bhandara Road(40kms.from Mine)
Monthly Production : 1,500approx.
Reserve : 0.155 Million Tonnes of Sillimanite 0.585 Million Tonnes of Pyrophyllite
Period of Lease : 20 Years.
Date of expiry of Lease : 5/11/2017
Total Lease hold Area : 39.40 Hect.

The area lies in toposheet No. 55 0/16 survey of India, at latitude North between 210 01’30” to 21002’55” and longitude between 790 51’28” and 790 51’45” east and is situated about 800 Mt. Due east of Pohara village.

Sillimanite is the main mineral occurring in the area. The ore-body exists in isolated patches lensoid shape, encased withpyrophyllite. Corundum is also associated with Sillimanite and the former is present within the Sillimanite ore-body in very small sporadic patches. Regionally the rock formation encountered in the are belongs to south-western part of the Sakoli synclinorium consisting of Sakoli series rocks of Archean group. The area is exposed in large triangular outcrop, and is also known as Bhandara triangle, the types representing Sakoli series are Phyllite quartz-muscovite-schist,quartz-chloriteschist,quartzite,quartz-kyanite,sillimanite-pyrophyllite-schist,amphibolite-schist.

The geological sequence of the area is as follows :

Recent : Soil and alluvium
Quartz vein

Post Sakolit : Pegmetite & Amphibolite
Phyllite ,quartz mica schist

Sakoli : Chlorite Mica Schist and quartzite
Hornblend Schist,Quartz-Kyanite,
Sillimanite-Pyrophyllite- Schist


The ore-body trends NNE-SSW and has steep dip varying from 600 to 700 towards west. The rocks are highly jointed. Oblique- joints and bedding joints are prominently visible. Corundum is sporadically associated with Sillimanite and both the minerals are encased with Pyrophyllite in form of isolated lensoid bodies.


The operation is semi-mechanized, by open-cast method. Topography of the mining area is sloping, consisting of small mound. The max. level of difference from the surface is 18 m. Being highest latitude is at 264 MRL and the ground level is around 246 MRL, in which one bench of 3 m Of soil and loose weathered rock and 2 benches of 7.5 m in hard rock would be formed. The topography and deposition of geological strata is depicted in the geological map.


Adequate numbers of statutorily qualified personnel including Mine Mangers and Geologist are available to supervise the mining operation and to take reasonable steps for implementation of provisions off provisions of Mines Acts, Regulations, Rules and orders thereunder. The present strength at the mine is as under :

Supervisory and clerical personnel  :   12 Nos.
These are including
1).Mine Manager (1st Class)  :   01 No.
2).Mine Manager (2nd Class)  :   01 No.
3).Mine Foreman  :   01 No.
4).Mine Mate  :   03 No.
5).Blaster  :   01 No.
6).Clerk  :   05 No.
Labours are
1. Skilled  :   16 No.
2. Semi-skilled  :   10 No.
3. Unskilled  :   48 No.

The basic infrastructural facilities and welfare amenities are adequately available at the mine.

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