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Phondaghat Sillica Sand Mine
The term silica sand is generally applied to high grade sand used in foundries and glass and for chemical purposes. The occurrences of high grade silica sand are not so common as generally considered because most of the sands are contaminated by iron oxide and alumina. In Maharashtra, silica sand is produced in Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri districits only.

MSMC’s Phondaghat Silica Sand Mine producing mainly Silica Sand, as the major mineral used in glass industries and foundries.
The details of mine are as under :

Mineral : Silica Sand.
Village : Phondaghat
Tahsil : Kankavali
District : Sindhudurg
Nearest Rly. Station : Nadgaon(12 kms.from Mine)
Monthly Production : 1,000 apporx.
Reserve : 04.99Million Tonnes.
Period of Lease : 20 Years.
Date of expiry of Lease : 01/10/2015
Total Lease hold Area : 107.07 Hect.

The area lies in Survey of India, toposheet No. 47 H/15 and lies at a latitude of 16o22’19” North and longitude of 73o48’ East. The MSMC carried out mining operations in the past. Silica Sand was noticed to be the prime ore mineral of economic importance occurring in the bedded sandstone.

Physiogrophy :
The area lies close to western scrap of the Western Ghat. The terrain, in general, is plain, but with exception of a few elongated hillocks aligned East-West and forming two parallel ridges. The letter are located about 1 km. South of the Phonda village.Within the lease.
Lease area contains two parallel and elongated ridge aligned East-West. These ridges constitute central and southern part of the leasehold and are locally known as “North” ridge and “South” ridge. In addition there exists one knoll in the eastern part. Northern end of the leasehold is almost flat. There is, however, a gradual rise towards south, forming the south ridge. Deep ravines and one seasonal nallah separate these two North and South ridges. The ridges have a maximum height of about 23 meters and the knoll has its top at about 42 meters from the general ground level of about 130 meters R.L. The drainage is controlled by seasonal nallah, which originated in the Western Ghat and flows westernly.
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