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Patgowari Dolomite Mine
Besides flux, dolomite is also used as refractory material. High grade dolomite with less than 0.2% iron oxide is used in glass manufacture. The other uses of dolomite in the form of powder include as filler in paints and varnishes and in tannaries and fungicides. In the powdered form, it is used, for dusting in the coal mines. The total reserves of dolomite from Maharashtra State are of 298.65 million tonnes.

MSMC has a Dolomite mine lease at Patgowari village. This mine have been an operating one since last 21 years. The quality of Dolomite present in the mine is suitable for use in Mosaic tiles manufacturing, as a carrier in fertilizer manufacturing and as filler in detergent manufacturing.

The details of mine are as under :

Mineral : Dolomite
Village : Patgowari
Tahsil : Ramtek
District : Nagpur
Nearest Rly. Station : Ramtek(10kms.from Mine)
Monthly Production : 2,500 apporx.
Reserve : 8.29 Million Tonnes.
Period of Lease : 20 Years.
Date of expiry of Lease : Applied for renewal of lease period.
Total Lease hold Area : Mine I : 42.52 Hect.
Mine II: 14.24 Hect.

The deposit is exposed at several places in the area and it occurs as successive of beds, which can be traced for a long distance uninterruptedly at places. This indicate lithological uniformities of the deposit. The entire sequence of the rock formation consist mainly of Dolomite strata, lying steeply in general. Such a disposition implies depth persistence of the ore body. The area is covered in the toposheet No.55 O/7 & 55 O/3 between latitude from 21024 to 2102430 and longitude from 79013 to 79014.

The lease area is spread over plain ground, having low relief and gentle slope towards south. The highest and lowest contours passing through the area are at 324 meter and 315 meter above the MSL respectively.
The rocks in the area belongs to Sausar group of Precambrian age.
The geological sequence is as under :

Bichua formation Dolomite & calcmagnesium rocks
Chorbaoli formation Quartzite & quartz mica schist
Mansar formation Feldspathic Mica schist
Feldspathic Pink
Gneiss FeldspathicQuartz mica
Schist Gondite & Manganese ore
Tirodi Biotite
Gneiss formation
The mine is opencast and operated by manual means.
Adequate numbers of statutorily qualified personnel including Mine Mangers and Geologist are available to supervise the mining operation and to take reasonable steps for implementation of provisions off provisions of Mines Acts, Regulations, Rules and orders thereunder. The present strength at the mine is as under :
Supervisory and clerical personnel  :   04 No.
These are including
1. Mine Manager & Mine Foreman  :   01 No.
2. Mine Mate  :   01 No.
3. Blaster  :   01 No.
4. Clerk  :   01 No.
Labours are
1. Skilled  :   05 No.
2. Semi-skilled  :   02 No.
3. Unskilled  :   44 No.

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