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(Government of Maharashtra Undertaking)
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Objective of MSMC


The main objectives of MSMC are as under.


To promote systematic development of various Mines with a view to conserve the mineral wealth of the nation.


To purchase / take on lease or otherwise acquire any mines, mining rights & metalliferrous land in the State of Maharashtra or elsewhere and any interest therein and to explore, work exercise, develop and turn to account the same.


To crush with, get quarry, smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamates, manipulate and prepare for market for utilization as ore, metal and beneficiation and up gradation of major & minor minerals of all kinds & to carry on any other operations which may seem conducive to any of the Company’s objects. 

4) To discharge functions of the “SHELL AGENCY” as approved by the Government in the State Mineral Policy and to provide consultancy Services for the purpose, to the prospective entrepreneurs from time to time. Under this policy, the Government has formulated an act viz. Maharashtra Mineral Development (creation & utilization) fund Act-2001. Under section 7 of the Act, Maharashtra Government has appointed Advisory Committee which consists Public representatives, for issuing guidelines for proper distribution of fund. Mineral Development fund is distributed, in accordance with the ordinance/G.R. issued by Maharashtra Government from time to time.
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