Maharashtra State Mining Corporation (Government of Maharashtra Undertaking)


Sr.No Notices Open / Downlaod
1 Notice calling Applications English
2 Notice calling Applications Marathi
3 Notice for Extension of Time English
4 Notice for Extension of Time Marathi
5 Notice (Coal Distribution to SSI Units) English
6 Notice (Coal Distribution to SSI Units) Marathi
7 Unit wise Scrutiny list
8 Bricks wise Scrutiny list
9 Notice about inspiction (Coal Distribution to SSI Units)
10 Notice for EMD (ENG)
11 Notice for EMD (MAR)
12 Security Deposit
13 Notice forSD (ENG) Second Call
14 Notice for SD (MAR) Second Call
15 Notice forSD (ENG) Third Call
16 Notice for SD (MAR) Third Call
17 UNIT List
18 Notice for signing the FSA (Nagpur)
19 Notice about Handing Agency
20 Notice for signing the FSA (Amravati)
21 Notice For Submission of Security Deposit, Capacity Assesment application and Lifting Details
22 Notice to the FSA Consumers for submission of GST ID.
23 DLC Unit List of Other District
24 DLC Unit List Nagpur District
25 Special Notice for Coal Consuming Industrial Units
26 Varification Coal Utilization
27 Notice for New Coal Applicant
28 Notice For Re-Launch of coal e-Distribution for the month of OCTOBER-2017
29 Corrigendum For Re-Launch of coal e-Distribution
30 Coal e-Distribution for the month of NOVEMBER-2017
31 Reallocation of remaining quantity Nov 2017
32 Notice for coal verification by committee
33 Ne Format for Quaterly Utilization Report
34 Reallocation of remaining quantity DEC 2017
35 Reallocation of remaining quantity JAN 2018
36 Reallocation of remaining quantity FEB 2018
37 Notice for Renewal of Fual Supply Agreement
38 SD Confirmation Notice
39 Procedure for Complaint Regarding Coal Distribution
40 Regarding FSA with Eligible Units
41 Noticce for Balence Quantity Coal Quota August 2018
42 Notice for All FSA 2018-2020 Details List
43 Notice for Submission Quaterly Utilization
44 Notice Regarding CoalPay Payment
45 Booking Made from Makardhokra III (Dinesh OC) withdrawn
46 Notice for Balence Quantity for the month of September
47 List of Eligible Unit Holder upto the month of september-2018
48 Notice for Coal Verification by committee