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Nawargaon Kyanite Mine
In Maharashtra the occurrences of Kyanite deposits are restricted to Bhandara district. Kyanite in the form of mullite is widely used in the manufacture of glass, burner tips, spark plugs, heating elements and high voltage electrical insulation and in the ceramic industry.

MSMC’s Nawargaon-Chowa Kyanite Mine producing mainly Kyanite, as the major mineral used in high alumina refractories and foundries.

The details of mine are as under :

Mineral : Kyanite, Pyrophyllite.
Village : Nawargaon-Chowa
Tahsil : Bhandara
District : Bhandara
Nearest Rly. Station : Bhandara Road(35 km from Mine)
Monthly Production : 150 M.T. apporx.
Reserve : 00.116 Million Tonnes.
Period of Lease : 20 Years.
Date of expiry of Lease : 28/06/2007
Total Lease hold Area : 40.96 Hect.

The area lies in Survey off India toposheet No. 55 O/12 at Latitude 21o02’10” to 21o05’00” and longitude 79o39’00” to 79o40’00” The occurrence is in NW-SE trend with varying dip from 550 to 650 due NE.
The rock formation occurring in the region belongs to ‘Sakoli series’ of Dharwar age. The general rock types are Chlorite-Muscovite-Schist, quartzite, kyanite-sillimanite-quartz rock.

The general geological sequence of the area is as under:

Recent  : Alluvium with boulders of quartzite.
Quartzite-tourmaline rock with quartz veins.
Sakoli  : Quartzite
Quartz kyanite schist with kyanite lenses and pyrophyllite.
Kyanite occurs as pockets and segregated lenses in quartz muscovite schist, quartzite and tourmaline-quartz rock belonging to Sakoli series.The geology of the area has been studied on the basis of exposures on the surface as well as in the old mine working.
1) Kyanite :
Quartz Kyanite rock is exposed (at places) over a length of about 5 km i.e. from village Jamgaon to Chowa village. The leasehold area is the eastern extension of Jamgaon-Nawargaon deposit. Kyanite occurs in the form of thin veins having parting of mica and chlorite schist. Kyanite occurs in massive form, bluish in colour and contaminated with Tourmaline-Quartz. Kyanite rocks and Kyanite Tourmaline rock is exposed at places within the leasehold area, the length of Kyanite-Quartz rock is about 130 M width varying from 8 to 25 m Kyanite is low to medium grade having 40 to 58% Al2O3 content.
2) Pyrophyllite :
Pyrophyllite is off white to buff in colour, occurs in association with Kyanite, in lensoid form. At places it is contaminated tourmaline and mica.
3) Quartzite :
It is fine-grained compact and pinkish in colour, it occurs on footwalls side of the ore deposit. At places, it is banded. The deposits of Pyrophyllite, Kyanite and Sillimanite in Nawargaon and other places in Bhandara district appear to have been formed by the dynamo-thermal metamorphism of the aluminous sedimentary rocks accompanied by chemical changes during recrystallisation.
The area is under operation by opencast manual method. Chowa east and Chowa west blocks are located on the northern slope of the two hillocks. The mining operation during the remaining period of the lease i.e. two years have been proposed in Chowa West block only. The working benches would be 3 m. in height and 4.5 m in width. Mining is being carried from the top of the ground following opencast method of bench mining. Development work would be carried out in initial stage to expose the ore zone.
Setting up of beneficiation plant for thisl deposit is not advisable. However, chemical specification as required by the different industries would be controlled by chiseling, dressing and sorting of the tourmaline contaminated ore and the physical specification will be controlled by breaking to the required size as per the norms of the user industry.

Due to depletion of high grade of Kyanite, MSMC Has assigned the jobs of production of Mullite Aggregate on the low grade Kyanite and other aluminous minerals. The R & D work is in progress.
The present site services available in the existing mine area is as under :
i) Site office including the time office.
ii) Rest Shelter
iii) Temporary Latrine
iv) First Aid Facilities.
Supervisory and clerical personnel  :   05 No.
These are including
1. Mine Manager  :   01 No.
2. Mine Mate  :   01 No.
3. Geologist (Part time)  :   01 No.
4. Mine Surveyor (Part time)  :   03 No.
5. Clerk  :   01 No.
Labours are
1. Skilled  :   None.
2. Semi-skilled  :   02 No.
3. Unskilled  :   20 No.
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