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Khursipar Iron Ore Mine
Maharashtra is one of the largest consumers of IRON And STEEL materials in the country.  MSMC’s Khursipar Iron Ore Mine producing mainly Titano-Magnetite ore.
The iron ore deposit of Khursipar is very important since it contains valuable strategic mineral, vanadium which can be economically extracted. This deposit can be exploited for production of vanadium metal.
The details of mine are as under :
  Mineral  :  Titano-Magnetite.
  Village  :  Khursipar
  Tahsil  :  Amgaon
  District  :  Gondia
  Nearest Rly. Station  :  Gondia (25kms.from Mine)
  Monthly Production  :  2,000 apporx.
  Reserve  :  00.262 Million Tonnes.
  Period of Lease  :  20 Years.
  Date of expiry of Lease  :  Applied for renewal of lease period.
  Total Lease hold Area  :  09.32 Hect.
This deposit's are igneous origin.  The rock in which the magnetite ore bodies occur belong to the early Precambrian Amgaon Group. The deposit comprises several magnetite ore bodies associated with metapyroxenite and amphibolites. The massive ore forms the peaks of the ridges and the float ore is found on the slopes of the hillocks. The outcrops of magnetite are weathered and fractured and form a loose mass. The magnetite is brown, bluish to dark black in colour and coarsely crystalline. Banded ore could be seen in fresh drill core. Banded ore is fine grained and mostly greyish in colour. This banded feature is due to alternate layers of magnetite and basic rocks.
Major part of the lease area is covered with soil mantle, except, for the sporadic small outcrops and Titanoferrous-Magnetite / basic rocks exposed on the elongated knolls/mounds. The mound slopes are covered with thin mantle of Magnetite and basic rocks screen. As the area mostly covered, the geological mapping of the area, along with some traverses in the surrounding areas, assumed prime importance in understanding the Geology of the area.

The rocks of the lease area include granites and metabasic rocks. The granite occur in the eastern part of the area occupying the flat opened ground. It ranges from granodiorite to granite, which are medium to coarse grained. The metabasic rocks of the area forms the most conspicuous lithological units. Regionally these occurs as dykes emplaced along a narrow N-S rectangular zone marking the contact between the granite in the east and granite gneisses to the west. These rocks have special significance in the lease area, as these carry/ contain Titano-Magnetite in considerable amount.
Titanomagnetite Ore :

The massive magnetite is bluish black to dark blue in colour and usually occurs in coarsely crystalline form. The ore zone is 12 to 16 meters in thickness; angle of Dip is around 700 to 800 due West/North-West. There are two sectors of lease area, Sector A & Sector B, which is separated by a road.

Sector A :
The ore zone extends over a strike length of nearly 190 meters and having thickness of 16 meters.

Sector B :
The zone covers two smaller mounds, covering a strike length of about 180 mtrs. And has a thickness of 12 to 15 mtrs.
Float Ore :
As results of resistance to weathering the ore zone has formed low elongated mounds. The mounds are rather low in height and their slopes are partially covered by basic screen with Sporadic float ore. Their spread and intensity is however very low and there are not economically workable.
Recovery :
Due to nature of mineralization and the character of the host rock the R.O.M. material will have to be subjected to hand sorting and screening for recovery of marketable size and grade of the ore. It is observed in practice the average recovery of graded ore is estimated at 30% of the bulk.

It is open cast working mine and manual working is adopted in the mine. And it is proposed to have the same method in future also.

Opencast Mining :

Height of the Bench : 3.0 M.
Width of the bench : 15 to 20 M.
Angle of Slope : not exceeding 600
The Titanomagnetite ore is soft in nature and does not require any Drilling and Blasting. The mining operation will be carried out by digging and ROM will be sorted and screened to meet the specification.
Sub-grade mineral/rejects whatsoever generated will be stacked in the western side of the lease area.
Adequate numbers of statutorily qualified personnel including Mine Mangers and Geologist are available to supervise the mining operation and to take reasonable steps for implementation of provisions off provisions of Mines Acts, Regulations, Rules and orders thereunder. The present strength at the mine is as under :

Supervisory and clerical personnel  :  04 Nos.
These are including
1. Mine Manager (2nd Class)  :  01 No. (Contract  Basis)
2. Mine Foreman  :  01 No.
3. Mine Mate  :  01 No.
4.Clerk  :  01 No.
Labours are
1. Skilled  :  None.
2. Semi-skilled  :  01 No.
3. Unskilled  :  74 No.
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  Garpendhari West
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