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Kadaval Felspar Mine
Felspar are the most important group of the rock forming minerals, widely distributed silicates in the earth crust.

MSMC’s Kadaval Felspar Mine is mainly producing Felspar, whicch constitute an important family of rock forming mineral, the “Orthoclase” and "Plagioclase" being the two most common varieties.

Felspar is traditionally used as Ceramic Flux and mild abrasive. Mixture of potash, Felspar, Gypsum and Limestone is roasted at about 8500° C to obtain Potassium Sulphate.
The details of mine are as under :

Mineral : Felspar.
Village : Kadaval
Tahsil : Kudal
District : Sindhudurg
Nearest Rly. Station : Kudal(7kms. from Mine)
Monthly Production :  
Reserve : 00.42 Million Tonnes.
Period of Lease : 20 Years.
Date of expiry of Lease : 26/10/2017
Total Lease hold Area : 29.26 Hect.
Presently the mine is given to Sunearth Ceramics, Mumbai. On Sub-Lease.
The area lies in toposheet No. 47 H/6 of latitude 16o 05’ N & longitude 73o 51’45” E. The entire area of Kadaval village lies in low laying land surrounded by the western ghat to the North, north east & south.
A verity of rock type is formed in the area. The deccan trap lava flows which occupy generally the top of the high hills, the most prominent rocks occurring in the plains and the hill slopes are biotite schist and biotite hornblends schist. In addition to there, other rocks type present in the area are pegmatite and gabbro, succession of the area is as follows.

Alluvial Deccan trap
Middle Dharwar Pegmatite
Basic intrusions
Lower Dharwar Biotite-Schist
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  Garpendhari West
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