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Dongargaon Fluorite Mine
Fluorite is an important mineral as a source of fluorine and is used in iron metallurgy, glass and ceramic industries.

MSMC has one Fluorspar/Fluorite mining lease at Dongargaon. It commence exploratory mining of Fluorspar thereat in the year 1989. Fluorspar is an important industrial mineral, as it is the only source of commercial Fluorine. Utility of Fluorspar can be described under 4 heads as under :

A) Fluxing agent in Iron & Steel industry, ferro-alloys, foundries and in manufacturing of electrodes
B) Vitrifying and opecfying agent in glass industry.
C) Additive to Cryolite bath in aluminum metallurgy.
D) Source of Fluorine for chemicals, both organic and inorganic.

The details of mine are as under :

Mineral : Fluorite/Fluorspar.
Village : Dongargaon
Tahsil : Warora
District : Chandrapur
Nearest Rly. Station : Chikni( 01 km from Mine)
Monthly Production : 1,000 apporx.
Reserve : 00.443 Million Tonnes.
Period of Lease : 20 Years.
Date of expiry of Lease : 19/12/2008
Total Lease hold Area : 332.70 Hect.

It is semi-mechanized, open-cast mine.

Adequate numbers of statutorily qualified personnel including Mine Mangers and Geologist are available to supervise the mining operation and to take reasonable steps for implementation of provisions off provisions of Mines Acts, Regulations, Rules and orders there under.
The present strength at the mine is as under :

Supervisory and clerical personnel  :   05 No.
These are including
1. Mine Manager  :   01 No.
2. Mine Mate  :   01 No.
3. Blaster  :   01 No.
4. Clerk  :   02 No.
Labours are
1. Skilled  :   01 No.
2. Semi-skilled  :   None.
3. Unskilled  :   06 No.

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